Using the Atlas for Preparatory Instruction

… one way of Using the Atlas

PreparationIsTheKeyAssigning topics to be reviewed before enroling

MPP and MPA programs tend to admit students from a wide variety of disciplines. Many students therefore come with little recent preparation in some of the core subjects. Some programs advise such students to complete a set of remedial readings during the months between their offer of admission and their first classes.

The Atlas could be used to provide those readings. The table below are among the first few topics in four of the core courses.

Governance and Institutions

The Study of Governance and Institutions

Policy Analysis and Process

The Study of Policy Analysis and Process

Quantitative Methods

The Study of Quantitative Methods

Describing Distributions


Economic Analysis

The Study of Economics

Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium

Consumer Theory and Elasticity of Demand and Supply

Commodity Taxes and Subsidies

The Price System and Price Regulation

Public Goods and Commons Problems

Macroeconomic Policy

The Study of Macroeconomics

Wealth of Nations and Economic Growth

Growth, Capital Accumulation, and the Financial System

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