Using the Atlas as Cliffs Notes

… one way of Using the Atlas

CliffsNotesCommonCoreMathA study guide for MPP/MPA required courses

Once they are completed, the topic and concept pages in the core subjects could be used by current MPP and MPA students the way high school and undergraduate students use Cliffs Notes.

Reviewing material in a study guide is not the same as fully learning a subject (see Google-knowing vs. Understanding) but it can help consolidate the knowledge acquired in the classroom.

For a description of Cliffs Notes (now called CliffsNotes) and a comparison of content, see Comparing the Atlas with CliffsNotes.

Two features shared by a CliffsNotes study guide and an Atlas Subject are:

  1. they provide comprehensive coverage in summary-form of the subject matter to a specified education level (e.g., Grade 8; Master of Public Policy)
  2. they delimit the subject matter to a specific subject or area of interest (e.g., Mathematics; Economic Analysis) which is often associated with a course.

In the Atlas, core topics and concepts will, when completed be available at the MPP/MPA level for 17 core Subjects. The core topics have been brought together in 12 Atlas Courses.

Atlas subjects completed for use as study guides

As of 15 December 2016, a relatively complete set of core topics and concepts has been created for five subjects: Governance and InstitutionsEconomic Analysis; Quantitative MethodsLeadership Skills; and Communication Skills; and the first few topics have also been completed for Macroeconomic Policy.

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