Promoting Innovation and Driving Change

… a core topic in Implementation and Delivery and Atlas107

Topic description

This topic examines techniques for promoting innovation and driving change in a public institution.

Topic learning outcome

Upon completing this topic the student will be familiar with techniques for promoting innovation and driving change , and be familiar with the concepts listed below.

Core concepts associated with this topic [DRAFT]

Quality Service and Service Standards

Integrated Service Delivery

Atlas resource pages associated with this topic


Open access readings for 8 hours of preparation

The Atlas pages for the concept entries noted above.


Recommended readings in MPP and MPA courses

Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives


Concept comprehension questions

AQ107.06.01. Among statements a-d pertaining to the term xxx choose one that is invalid or choose e if all are reasonably valid.

a. xx

b. xx

c. xx

d. xx

e. All of a-d are reasonably valid statements.

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