Policy Analysis and Process

… one of the core Subjects in Public Management

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This public management subject, within the Analysis and Skills domain, deals with the concepts and techniques of policy analysis and processes associated with policy making.

The core topics and concepts of Policy Analysis and Process are listed below with the concepts in alphabetical order. The core concepts are organized by topic in the Atlas course, Atlas101 Policy Analysis and Process

Core normed topics
The Study of Policy Analysis and Process

Interests and the Policy Process

Institutions and the Policy Process

Ideas and the Policy Process

Problem Definition and Agenda Setting

Policy Instruments and Design

Models of Decision Making

Evidence and Decision Making

Implementation and the Policy Cycle

Policy Communities and Networks

Evaluation and the Policy Cycle

Policy Communication

Core concepts [INCOMPLETE]
The Study of Policy Analysis and Process

Policy Design

Public Policy

Pal’s Elements of Policy Content

Policy Consistency

Pal’s Types of Reasoning in Policy Analysis

Policy Analysis’s Impact on Policymaking

Lasswell’s Policy Sciences

Policy Capacity

Interests and the Policy Process


Pal’s Glossary of Conceptualizing Interests in Policymaking

Problem Definition and Agenda Setting

Pal’s Aspects of Problem Definition

Issue Framing

Policy Images

Policy Window

Policy Instruments and Design

Typologies of Policy Instruments

Pal’s Classification of Policy Instruments

Policy Design and Social Values

Models of Decision Making

Rational Decision Making Model

Lindblom’s Incrementalism and Muddling Through

Postmodernist Critiques of Rational Decision Making

Additional Concepts on Old Atlas
Argument Mapping

Attentive Public

Boundary Analysis


Causal Chain

Decision Chain

Decision Point

Decline of Deference



Evidence-based Policy

Focusing Events

Ideas in Good Currency

Interactive Policy Analysis

Issue Attention Cycle

Path Dependency

Policy Diffusion

Policy Entrepreneurs

Policy Feedback

Punctuated Equilibrium



Venue Shopping

Washington Consensus

Wicked Problems 

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