Internship Reading

… one of the composite Subjects in Public Management

Subject description

This composite public management subject, cutting across all four domains, comprises core topics and concepts other subjects that are thought particularly relevant to the experience of an MPP or MPA student in their internship or first job in an organization.

The concept collections are listed below. An Atlas course, Atlas206 Internship Reading, has been created to cover these concepts, plus additional readings, over a 15-week period and weekly concept comprehension quizzes are provided at Concept Quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading.

Getting Oriented

Working in Organizations

Building Resources


Writing to Persuade

Speaking to Persuade

Fifty Concepts in Governance and Institutions

Twenty Concepts in Policy Analysis and Process

Forty Concepts in Implementation and Delivery

Fifty Concepts in Economic Analysis

Thirty Concepts in Quant, Macro, Social, Global, Eval, and Ethics

The Study of Leadership and Communication

Recognizing Values and Managing Oneself

Diagnosing and Strategizing

Negotiating and Handling Complexity

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