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EducationSubject description

This public management subject, within the Policy Sectors domain, covers the policy issues related to education.

Education policy is not part of the MPP/MPA Core Curriculum but is often used as for case studies and illustrations of core concepts.

On the Atlas there are currently limited resources in this subject. Four courses were profiled on the original Atlas.

Education policy courses on the Original Atlas
Carleton PADM-5227: Education Policy – Higher Education and Society
Johnson-Shoyama JSGS-854: Higher Education Policy
Harvard SUP-422: Introduction to the Development and Implementation of Education Policy
Harvard SUP-442: Tackling the Toughest Controversies in Modern American Higher Education
Higher education policy

To date, the identification of topics and concepts has been confined to the higher education area of education policy. For example, the Atlas course, Atlas219 Higher Education Policy, uses the following topics and concepts, although most are still in the unelaborated format on the original Atlas.

Normed topics in higher education policy
The History of Higher Education: Public Policy and the Division of Responsibilities

The Public Interest and the Private Interest in Higher Education

Selectivity, Sorting, and Inequality in Higher Education

Tuition, Accessibility and Financial Assistance: Architecture and Purpose

Helping All Students Succeed in Higher Education

The Structure of Higher Education as Public Policy

Higher Education’s Impact on Economic Development: Human Capital, Innovation and Research

Higher Education’s Impact on Social Development: Social Capital and Disparities in Income and Opportunity

Cost Control and Compensation in Higher Education

Assessment and Accountability in Higher Education: Quality Measurement, Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance

Governments and University Governance: Academic Freedom and the Public Interest

Technology and the Changing Policy Environment for Higher Education

Concepts in higher education policy
Academic Freedom


Division of Labour and Specialization

Disruptive Innovation


Education as Consumption

Job Market Signaling

Education as a Merit Good

Mission Creep

Pareto Efficient Allocations

Path Dependency

Performance Reporting

Policy Window

Political Culture

Positional Good

Principal-Agent Problem

Productivity in the Public Sector

Human Capital

Provider Capture

Quality Assessment

Quality Assurance

Returns to Education

Staton’s Unbundling Higher Education Framework

Veblen Good

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