Online Glossaries

A database of encyclopedias, glossaries and dictionaries with public management terms

Online encyclopedias


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Policy and management analysis glossaries

Glossary from Pal’s Beyond Policy Analysis

Encyclopedia of Public Administration and Public Policy, Third Edition (Abstracts of terms available without subscription)

Knowledge Grab Glossary (business economics, financial accounting, financial management, financial reporting, management accounting, performance management, risk and control, strategic management)

Paul M. Johnson’s Glossary of Political Economy Terms

OECD’s Glossary of Statistical Terms (covers much more than statistical terms)


Economic glossaries

John B. Taylor, Economics 5th Edition Glossary (Cengage Learning)

Economic Glossary (

Policonomics – Economics Made Simple

The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics (Library of Economics and Liberty)

Economics A-Z from The Economist

Economics A-Z in Economics Help

EconPort/Peter Meyer Glossary of Economics and Econometrics

Economics Online Definitions

Reference for Business

Statistics glossaries

Statistics Canada Glossary

Statistique Canada Glossaire (français)

Phillip Stark’s Glossary of Statistical Terms


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