PPG1000 Week 5 – Plenary Session

… agenda for PPG1000, 12 October 2016.

Satire or documentary"

Satire or documentary?

Institutional dynamics within government

1 – Class outline

2 – Overview by Ian Clark on the core concepts in Institutional Dynamics within Government (recalling Eidelman’s Machinery of Government Maps)

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3 – Reflections by Sean Speer, and Karim Bardeesy, on being a Political Aide, and on Political Executive vs. Civil Service, followed by commentary from James Janeiro and Rhonda McMichael

4 – Seminar discussion

5 – Other matters

6 – Readings for next week (Federalism):

Simeon, Richard, Ian Robinson, and Jennifer Wallner. 2014. “The Dynamics of Canadian Federalism,” in Canadian Politics, 6th ed., eds. James Bickerton and Alain-G. Gagnon, pp. 65-91. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Brown, Douglas M. 2012. “Fiscal Federalism: Maintaining a Balance,” in Canadian Federalism: Performance, Effectiveness and Legitimacy, 3rd ed., eds. Herman Bakvis and Grace Skogstad, pp. 118-140. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

Lecours, André, and Daniel Béland. 2010. “Federalism and Fiscal Policy: The Politics of Equalization in Canada.” Publius: The Journal of Federalism 40(4): 569-596.

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