Forty Concepts in Implementation and Delivery

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The table below lists the 40 concepts from the Atlas subject, Implementation and Delivery, that are most relevant to the subject, Internship Reading, and the Atlas course, Atlas206 Internship Reading.

The Atlas quiz for this concept collection can be found at Quiz 9 – Forty Concepts in Implementation and Delivery. All 15 quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading are available at Concept Quizzes for Atlas206 Internship Reading.

The Study of Implementation and Delivery

Implementation vs. Policy Design

Eggers & O’Leary’s Project Management Framework for Implementation

Principal-Agent Problem

Public Choice Theory

Fiscal Context

Allison’s Three Models of Government Action

Fayol’s Theory of Administration

Niskanen’s Budget Maximizing Model

Designing the Delivery Model

Doing Nothing as a Policy Instrument

Using Information-Based Policy Instruments

Using Expenditure-Based Policy Instruments

Using Taxation-Based Policy Instruments

Using Regulation-Based Policy Instruments

Using Direct Provision as a Policy Instrument

Securing Legal Authority and Budgetary Resources

Programs and Budgeting

Consulting and Communicating on Policy

The Crucial Role of Communication

Consulting Stakeholders and Engaging Citizens

The Role of Ideas in Policymaking

Postmodernist Policy Analysis

Symbolic Representation and Narrative

Media Bias and Agenda Setting

Communication Nudges and Behavioural Economics

Pal’s Comparison of Academic and Policy Research

Implementing through Partners and Networks

Using Partnership as a Policy Instrument

Network Targets

Policy Community

Advocacy Coalitions

Policy Networks

Kernaghan’s Classification of Partnerships

Partnerships and Horizontal Management

Public-Private Partnership Models

Organizing and Measuring for Performance

Attribution Problem

Performance Reporting

Managing Risk

Implications of Nonlinearity and Complexity

Risk in Public Management

Risk Assessment

Identifying Best Practices

Best Practices Advice on the Atlas

Pal’s Good Governance Benchmarks

Managing Emergencies and Crises

Crisis Management

Expectations vs. Reality in Crisis Management

Recommended 2 hours of study for Week 9 of Atlas206 Internship Reading

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