Producer Theory Calculus

… a core concept in Economic Analysis and Atlas102

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Concept description

Producer theory analyzes the behaviour of producers and firms.

As noted in the Atlas entry, Producer Theory, it is possible to develop a good intuitive understanding of the underlying concepts without a knowledge of calculus. However, in order to develop what the Atlas Examination Standards refer to as an A level comprehension of producer theory, it is necessary to utilize a minimal degree of calculus. This minimal level is used in the  Jonathan Gruber Principles of Microeconomics course in MIT OpenCourseWare (link top right) and detailed links below:

  1. Introduction to Producer Theory (at,) with four chapters:
    1. Firm Production Functions (00:11:18)
    2. Short Run Production and Diminishing Marginal Product (00:07:04)
    3. Long Run Production and the Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution (00:11:03)
    4. Returns to Scale (00:07:52)
  2. Productivity and Costs (at with four chapters:
    1. Productivity (00:15:27)
    2. Introduction to Costs and Short Run Costs (00:08:45)
    3. Long Run Costs (00:15:10)
    4. Long Run Expansion Path (00:08:03)
  3. Competition I (at with seven chapters:
    1. Introduction to Perfect Competition (00:09:17)
    2. Search Theory (00:04:35)
    3. Firm Demand vs. Market Demand (00:05:27)
    4. Measuring Costs in Profit Maximization (00:07:04)
    5. Short Run Profit Maximization in a Competitive Market (00:13:21)
    6. Short Run Profit Maximization with Taxation (00:05:26)
    7. Short Run Shutdown Decisions (00:03:43)
  4. Competition II (at with five chapters:
    1. Short Run Shutdown Decisions (cont.) (00:06:51)
    2. Determining Short Run Market Equilibrium (00:12:29)
    3. Long Run Market Equilibrium: Firm Entry and Exit (00:12:34)
    4. Long Run Market Supply Curve with Perfect Competition (00:06:15)
    5. Long Run Market Supply Curve in Real World (00:11:56)
Assessment questions

The following problem set is from MIT OpenCourseWare at, accessed 20 May 2016.

ProbSet4The solutions can be viewed by clicking on the image of the solution for problem 1 below (at, accessed 20 May 2016):


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MIT OpenCourseWare, Producer Theory, at, accessed 19 May 2016.

Atlas topic and subject

Producer Theory and Competition (core topic) in Economic Analysis.

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