Producer Surplus

 … a core concept in Economic Analysis

Click for video, minute 1:40

Click for video, minute 1:40

Concept description

Producer surplus is the producer’s gain from exchange – the difference between the market price and the minimum price at which producers would be willing to sell a given quantity. (See Alex Tabarrok, reference below and video to right.)

The total producer surplus is the sum of the producer surplus of all sellers.

MRU practice questions

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  1. Michael is an economist. He loves being an economist so much that he would do it for a living even if he only earned $30,000 per year. Instead, he earns $80,000 per year. (Note: This is the average salary of new economists with a Ph.D. degree.) How much producer surplus does Michael enjoy?


Alex Tabarrok, A Deeper Look at the Supply Curve, Marginal Revolution University, at, accessed 20 April 2016.

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Supply, Demand, and Equilibrium (core topic) in Economic Analysis.

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