Operational Management

… a core concept in Implementation and Delivery and Atlas107

Concept description

Mark Moore (reference below) describes operational management as “the self-conscious, skilled deployment of legal, financial, material, and human assets to produce concrete results.” (p. 194)

He writes:

“It is one thing for managers to have visions, and still another for them to mobilize a flow of resources to their enterprises. But the heart of management lies in delivering the envisioned value. That is what management (as opposed to leadership or entrepreneurship) is all about.” (p. 194)

Reengineering public sector production

Moore describes how, ideally, operational managers could seek, find and exploit opportunities to create public value:

“In principle, greater value can be produced by:

  1. increasing the quantity or quality of public activities per resource expended;
  2. reducing the costs (in terms of money and authority) used to achieve current levels of production;
  3. making public organizations better able to identify and respond to citizens’ aspirations;
  4. enhancing the fairness with which public sector operations operate; and
  5. increasing their continuing capacity to respond and innovate.

“To locate these opportunities to create additional value, public mangers, like private managers, must reengineer their organizations.” (p. 211)


Mark H. Moore (1995), Creating Public Value – Strategic Management in Government, Harvard University Press.

Atlas topic and subject

Strategic Management in the Public Sector (core topic) in Implementation and Delivery and Atlas107

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