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Completed core concepts and terms

Natural Justice

Narcissistic Alexithymia – A Psychological Diagnosis of Donald Trump

Narrative Theory

Nation-to-Nation Relationship

National Spending vs Factor Income Components of GDP

National Wealth


Negative Income Tax



Net Welfare Costs of Protectionism

Networked Governance


New Public Management

Niskanen’s Budget Maximizing Model

Nominal vs. Real GDP

Non-excludable Good

Non-rival Good

Non-Status Indians

Normal Good vs. Inferior Good

Normal Profit

Normed Topic

Other concepts and terms

National Area of Selection

National Development Strategies

National Mood

National Saving

Natural Experiment

Natural Monopoly

Natural Rate of Unemployment

Natural Resources

Necessary Good

Needs Assessment

Negativity Bias

Neighbourhood Effects on Child Development

Net Book Value

Net Capital Outflow (NCO)

Net Cash Flow

Net Demand

Net Exports

Net Migration

Net Present Cost (in accounting)

Network Effect

Network Governance


Neutrality (in evaluation)

Neutrality (in public service)

New Governance Arrangements

New Institutionalism

New Public Governance

Nine-one-one Federalism (in Canada)

Nominal Currency ApplicationNominal Exchange Rate

Nominal GDP

Non-Budgetary Spending

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)

Nonlinear Policy Problems

Non-ministerial Organization (in Canada)


Normative Analysis

Normed Topic

Not-for-Profit Organizations

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