Moore’s Legitimacy and Support Perspective

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In his book, Recognizing Public Value, Mark Moore (reference below) develops a “legitimacy and support perspective” to view the key elements of political management. Moore defines the legitimacy and support perspective as “a set of measures designed to capture an organization’s standing with all those individual and collective actors who provide it with the social legitimacy, public authority, and public funding necessary to sustain itself” (p. 12).

The Legitimacy and Support Perspective is one of the three pillars of Moore’s Public Value Scorecard and is depicted below (Figure A.2. in Appendix).

In his 2014 review of the book (reference below), Shayne Kavanagh writes:

“The legitimacy and support perspective asks managers to consider the extent to which the organization’s mission is aligned with the community’s values, including those of segments of the community that might not normally be engaged with the government. It also asks managers to think about the organization’s standing with formal authorizers (e.g., the governing board), the media, and general citizenry, as well as influential individuals outside of the formal organization and the standing of the organization in larger policy discussions (e.g., political campaigns, the campaign promises of current elected leaders). The last two rows consider legislative actions that could affect the organization and how citizens are engaged in helping to produce public services (e.g., volunteers).”


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Shayne Kavanagh (2014), Defining and Creating Value for the Public, Government Finance Review, October, pp. 57-60, at, accessed 12 September 2017.

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Image: Mark H. Moore (2013), Recognizing Public Value, Harvard University Press, at, accessed 12 October 2017.