Meeting Deadlines in Team Projects

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In most projects, team members are assigned tasks with a time schedule; meeting these deadlines can be crucial to project success.


Suppose a team is charged with addressing drinking water quality in First Nation communities in Ontario that are currently on boil-water advisories and individual team members are asked to provide strategic implementation advice on different communities. The team might agree that an important element of the analysis is to assess how each community compares to others on a variety of dimensions and that such comparisons could be facilitated by creating a shared community comparison spreadsheet into which each team member would input specific community data. Given that the project required the production, for each community, of a background assessment note followed by a strategic implementation note, the team might also agree that members should post their background assessment notes to a shared site to enable all team members to draw on them in making community comparisons for their strategic implementation notes.

In this example it would likely be important for the success of the overall project for all team members to meet the deadlines for submitting their material to the community comparison spreadsheet and to the shared site for the background assessment notes.

See also: Dependability and Resourcefulness.


The example is from Section I in the 2017-18 course Toronto PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives.

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