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Completed core concepts and terms

Machinery of GovernmentMachinery of Municipal Government


Management Accountability Framework

Management Consulting

Management Differences between Public and Private Sectors

Management Improvement Methodologies – TQM, Six Sigma, and Lean

Managing Stress

Managing Time

Marginal and Marginalism

Marginal Cost

Marginal Product of Labour

Marginal Rate of Substitution

Marginal Revenue

Marginal Revenue Product of Labour

Marginal Utility

Market Equilibrium

Market Failure

Market PowerMarkets Link Different Goods

Markets Link Geographically

Markets Link Over Time – Speculation

Maximizing Profit under Competition

Maximizing Profit under Monopoly

Meeting in Person

Merit Principle


Midpoint Formula for Elasticity

Minimization of Total Industry Costs of Production

Minimum Wage

Ministerial Responsibility


Monopoly Markup

Monopoly Pricing and Elasticity of Demand

Moral Hazard


Multilateral Collaboration with Diffuse Reciprocity

Multilevel Governance

Multilevel Governance in Cities

Multiple Identities

Municipal Elections

Municipal Finance

Municipal Organizations

Municipal Special Purpose Bodies

Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)

Other concepts and terms

Machinery of Government (in Canada)


Major Statutory Spending

Management Accountability

Management Consultant

Management Control System

Management Improvement

Management Practices and Controls


Managing Compliance


Marginal Cost Analysis

Market Demand Curve

Memorandum to Cabinet

Mental Health Effects on Child Development

Merit Good

Merit System

Millennium Development Goals

Minimum-Wage Law

Ministerial Organizations (in Canada)

Ministerial Responsibility (in Canada)

Mission Creep

Mission Statement

Mixed Economy

Modern Comptrollership

Modified Accrual Accounting

Monetary Neutrality

Monetary Policy

Money Multiplier

Monotonic Property of Technology

Monotonic Transformation

Montreal Protocol

Moral Suasion

Multiple Perspective Analysis

Multiple Regression Analysis

Multiplier Effect

Municipalities as “creatures of the provinces”

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