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Completed core concepts and terms

Gaining Standing

Gains from Trade

Game Theory

Ganz’s Pedagogy as Practice

Gender Wage Gap

Geography and Growth

Giffen Good

Google-knowing vs. Understanding


Governance vs. Self-Government


Government Program

Governor General of Canada

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Growth Miracles and Growth Disasters

Growth Rates and National Wealth

Guardians vs. Spenders

Haidt’s 6 Innate Moral Foundations

Haidt’s Telos Choice – Either Truth or Social Justice

Having Fun

Head of State vs. Head of Government

Heifetz’s Adaptive Work

Her Majesty The Queen

Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity


Human Capital

Human Capital and Signaling

Human Resource Management Reforms

Human Rights Commissions

Human Rights Laws

Human Rights Tribunals


Other concepts and terms

Gaming (in evaluation)

Gender Mainstreaming

Gender-based Analysis (GBA)

General Journal (in accounting)

General Ledger (in accounting)

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles Audit Criteria

Generational Income Mobility

Gini Coefficient

Global Warming Potential (GWP)


Globalization System


Going-Concern Principle

Government Bill

Government Business Enterprise

Government of Canada Evaluation Plan

Government of Canada Outcomes

Government Organization (in Canada)

Government Restructuring

Greenhouse Effect

Gross National Product


Hawthorne Effect

Head of Evaluation

Higher Education


Horizontal Initiative

Horizontal Management

Horizontal Policy Consistency

Horizontal Result

Human Development

Index (HDI)

Human Resources Planning

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