Empathy and Listening

… a core concept in Communication Skills and Atlas 109

Concept description

Gary Orren identifies empathy and listening as members of the ethos (characteristics of the messenger) cluster of persuasion principles.

Psychology Today defines empathy as the experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective – you place yourself in their shoes and feel what they are feeling.

Orren provides 6 tips on listening:

  1. Suspend judgment.
  2. Paraphrase your understanding of speaker’s words.
  3. Ask questions for clarification (with genuine intent to learn).
  4. Acknowledge the speaker’s concerns, strengths, feelings, efforts.
  5. Be an active listener. Avoid rehearsing your next response while “listening.” People can usually tell when someone is listening with their full attention.
  6. Good body language (e.g., eye contact, empathetic noises, nods).

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Normed topic and synthetic course with which the concept is primarily associated

This concept is primarily associated with the core normed topic Practices of Persuasion and is included in the synthetic course outline Atlas109 Leadership and Communication Skills.

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