Digital Government and E-Government

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The OECD, reference below, defines digital government as “the use of digital technologies, as an integrated part of governments’ modernisation strategies, to create public value” and that it “relies on a digital government ecosystem comprised of government actors, non-governmental organisations, businesses, citizens’ associations and individuals which supports the production of and access to data, services and content through interactions with the government.”

The OECD’s definition of e-government is similar: “the use by the governments of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and particularly the Internet, as a tool to achieve better government.”

OECD’s 12 principles to support digital government

The OECD report referenced below includes 12 principles to support the development and implementation of digital government strategies that bring governments closer to citizens and businesses.

  1. Ensure greater transparency, openness and inclusiveness of government processes and operations
  2. Encourage engagement and participation of public, private and civil society stakeholders in policy making and public service design and delivery
  3. Create a data-driven culture in the public sector
  4. Reflect a risk management approach to addressing digital security and privacy issues, and include the adoption of effective and appropriate security measures
  5. Secure leadership and political commitment to the strategy
  6. Ensure coherent use of digital technologies across policy areas and levels of government
  7. Establish effective organisational and governance frameworks to co-ordinate the implementation of the digital strategy within and across levels of government
  8. Strengthen international co-operation with other governments
  9. Develop clear business cases to sustain the funding and focused implementation of digital technologies projects
  10. Reinforce institutional capacities to manage and monitor projects’ implementation
  11. Procure digital technologies based on assessment of existing assets
  12. Ensure that general and sector-specific legal and regulatory frameworks allow digital opportunities to be seized
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OECD (2014), Recommendation of the Council on Digital Government Strategies, at, accessed 19 November 2016.

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