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Identifying community leaders

The COVID pandemic and its aftermath will drive changes to Canadian social and economic policy and will increase the calls for reform and streamlining of our institutions. There will be greater demands for policy and administrative expertise and more demands for rigour and cost-effectiveness in teaching. Responding adequately to these challenges needs community leadership.

[See Alex Usher’s 5 May 2020 review of government responses to universities in the UK, US, and Australia in–Comparative-Bailouts.html, and his other blogs on how the Coronavirus could affect Canadian universities at]

As a modest contribution to mobilizing our community, the tables below provide an inventory of current and previous leaders in Canadian public administration and policy, as reflected in office-holders and prize winners.

Table 1 – Directors of schools of public administration and public policy
University of Calgary, School of Public Policy, MPP – Pierre-Gerlier Forest

Carleton University, School of Public Policy and Administration, MAPA (Master of Arts in Public Administration) – Graeme Auld

Concordia University, Department of Political Science, MPPPA (Master in Public Policy and Public Administration) – Jeffrey Brooke (?)

Dalhousie University, School of Public Administration, MPA – Lori Turnbull

ÉNAP Québec – École nationale de l’administration publique, MAP (Maitre en administration publique) – Michèle Charbonneau

Université Laval, Département de science politique, MAP (Maîtrise en affaires publiques) – Pierre-Marc Daigneault

University of Manitoba / University of Winnipeg Joint MPA Program, MPA – Andrea Rounce

McGill University, Max Bell School of Public Policy, MPP – Christopher Ragan

McMaster University / University of Guelph, Collaborative Program in Public Policy and Administration, MA in Public Policy and Administration – ?

Université de Moncton, Département d’administration publique (DAP), Maîtrise en administration publique (MPA) – ?

University of Ottawa, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, MAPIA (Master of Arts in Public and International Affairs) – Gilles Breton

University of Ottawa, School of Political Studies – MAPA (Master of Arts Public Administration) – ?

Queen’s University, School of Policy Studies, MPA – Warren Mabee

Ryerson University, Department of Politics and Public Administration, MAPPA (Master of Arts in Public Policy and Administration) – Carolyn Johns

University of Saskatchewan – University of Regina, Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, MPP and MPA – Douglas Moen

Simon Fraser University, School of Public Policy, MPP – Nancy Olewiler

University of Toronto, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, MPP and MGA – Michael Sabia

University of British Columbia, MPPGA (Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs) – Max Cameron

University of Victoria, School of Public Administration, MPA – Astrid Brousselle

University of Waterloo, Faculty of Arts, MPS (Master of Public Service) – Anna Esselment

Western University, Department of Political Science, MPA in Local Government – Joseph Lyons

York University, Glendon School of Public and International Affairs, MPIA (Master of Public and International Affairs) – Anne Dimirjian

York University, School of Public Policy and Administration, Graduate Program in Public Policy, Administration and Law, MPPAL (Master of Public Policy, Administration and Law) – Dagmar Soennecken


Table 2 – Leaders in the IPAC-related academic bodies
Canadian Public Administration Journal

2012- Evert Lindquist

2005-2011 Barbara Wake Carroll

1997-2003 Allan Tupper

1993-1997 Paul Thomas

1987-1992 V Seymour Wilson

1979-1986 Kenneth Kernaghan

1974-1979 Donald Smiley

1970-1972 Douglas Verney

1961-1969 Albert Abel

1958-1960 Malcolm Taylor


2019-2020 Andrea Rounce

2016-2018 Robert Shepherd

2014-2016 Kathy Brock

2012-2014 Ken Rasmussen

2009-2012 Allan Tupper

2007-2009 David Zussman

2003-2007 Sandford Borins

2000-2003 Evert Lindquist

1998-2000 Andrew Sancton

1995-1998 Ken Rasmussen

1994-1995 Dale Poel

1993-1994 Katherine Graham

1990-1993 David Siegel

1989-1990 Sandford Borins

1987-1989 Sharon L. Sutherland*

1985-1987 Peter Aucoin*

1984-1985 C. Lloyd Brown-John*

CAPPA Accreditation Board

2019-2021 Kathy Brock

2018-2019 Ken Rasmussen

2013-2018 Michael Atkinson

2008-2012 Ian Clark

2006-2009 Leslie Pal

Other members

2019-2021 David Siegel

2009-2021 Nancy Olewiler

2009-2021 Luc Bernier

2011-2014 Susan Phillips

2009-2011 John Langford

2009-2011 Peter Aucoin

2006-2008 Mark Sproule-Jones

2006-2008 Allan Tupper

2006-2009 Janice Cochrane

2007-2008 Lucie Rouillard

2006-2007 James Iain Gow

Notes to Table 2

1. Reference for column 1: From Barbara Wake Carroll and Michael Whyte Kpessa (2007), Enduring, ephemeral and emerging issues in public administration in Canada: Trends in Canadian Public Administration over fifty years (1958–2007), Canadian  Public Administration, Volume 50, No. 4, pp 477-491.

2. Reference for column 2: From, accessed 3 May 2020. * indicates Coordinators of CAPPA’s predecessor organization, the Committee of Schools and Programs in Public Administration.


Table 3 – Heads of Research Groups
Director, McGill Institute for the Study of Canada – Daniel Béland Director, Centre for Governance and Public Management, Leslie Pal


Table 4 – IPAC Scholarly Articles and Teaching Award Recipients
Hodgetts Award
(best article in English)

2019 Susan Phillips

2018 Jean‐Phillipe Meloche and Patrick Kilfoil

2017 Stephanie Paterson, Patrik Marier, and Felix Chu

2016 Josée G. Lavoie, Joseph Kaufert, Annette J. Browne, Sharon Mah, John D. O’Neil, Stephanie Sinclair and Kathleen BlueSky

2014/15 Michael Atkinson, Murray Fulton and Boa Kim

2013 Patrice A. Dutil and Peter Malachy Ryan

2012 Karine Levasseur

2011 Jen Nelles and Christopher Alcantara

2010 David Siegel

2009 Robert Schwartz and Allan McConnell

2008 Aidan R. Vining and Anthony E. Boardman

2007 Nicholas d’Ombrain

2006 Ian Clark and David Trick

2005 Paul Thomas

2004 Nicholas d’Ombrain

2003 Peter Aucoin

2002 Lorne Sossin

2001 John Langford and Yvonne Harrison

2000 Michael Howlett

1999 Alasdair Roberts

1998 Graham White

1997 Susan Phillips, Brian Little, and Laura Goodline

1996 Andrew Sancton

1995 James McDavid and Eric Clemens

1994 Peter Harbage, Barry Rabe, William Gunderson

1993 Peter Aucoin and Herman Bakvis

1992 Kenneth Kernaghan

Roland Parenteau Award
(best article in French)

2019 Unassigned

2018 Unassigned

2017 Unassigned

2016 Unassigned

2014/15 Étienne Charbonneau, Gérard Divay et Damien Gardey

2013 Unassigned

2012 Danielle Morin et Sarah Megas

2011 Jonathan Paquette

2010 Unassigned

2009 Alain Dupuis et Luc Farinas

2008 Stéphanie Yates et Michel Beauchamp

2007 Daniel Maltais et Marie‐Eve Harvey

2006 Valéry Ramonjavelo, Lise Préfontaine, Dorra Skander et Line Ricard

2005 Daniel Pelletier et Éric Robard

2004 Valérie Martin et Marie‐Hélène Jobin

2003 Paul‐André Comeau et Maurice Couture

2002 Jacynthe Demers et James Iain Gow

2001 Louis Côté

2000 Danielle Morin

1999 Louis Borgeat et Danièle Mockle

1998 Louise Lemire

1997 Natalie Rinfet et, Monique Lortie‐Lussier

1996 André Tremblay

1995 Isabel Brochu et Marc‐Urbain Proulx

1994 Jacques Bourgault et Yvon Tremblay

1993 Germain Julien

1992 Germain Julien et Marcel Proulx

 Pierre DeCelles Award

2019 Unassigned

2018 Jennifer Baechler

2017 Unassigned

2016 Carolyn Tuohy

2015 Ian Greene

2014 Frances Abele

2013 Graham White

2012 Ken Rasmussen

2011 Allan Tupper

2010 Louis Sabourin

2009 John Langford

2008 Kathy Brock

2007 Paul Thomas

2006 Paul Brown

2005 Norman Ruff

2004 Rodney Schneck

2003 Kenneth Kernaghan

2002 Marie-Michèle Guay

Notes to Table 4

1. Source for Hodgetts and Parenteau Awards: The J.E. Hodgetts Award, Canadian Public Administration (2019), Volume 62, Issue 4, Page 697.

2. Source for Pierre DeCelles Award: IPAC, personal communication via Kathy Brock


Table 5 – Other Award Recipients
Vanier Medal

2018 Douglas Moen

2017 David Zussman

2012 Jacques Bourgault

2005 Peter Aucoin

2003 Paul Thomas

1999 Donald Savoie

1996 Kenneth Kernaghan

1995 A. Paul Pross

1986 Roland Parenteau

1985 J. Stefan Dupré

1981 J.E. Hodgetts

Order of Canada

2018 Louis Sabourin

2009 Mel Cappe

2009 Ian Clark

2008 Kenneth Kernaghan

2007 Peter Aucoin

2004 Keith Banting

1993 Donald Savoie

1989 J.E. Hodgetts

1986 J. Stefan Dupré

Notes to Table 5

1. Source for Vanier Medal: Recipients who were primarily academics on the list in The Vanier Medal of the Institute of Public Administration of Canada, Canadian Public Administration (2019), Volume 62, Issue 4, Page 698-700.


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