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Open source E-Cases, Video Briefs, and E-Studies

The Hubert Project (reference below, web link on right) has created an open source website that “provides public affairs educators the opportunity to create and share multimedia learning materials including short videos and cases.”

There are three types of learning materials:

  • E-Cases, which “invite users into a multimedia story of the difficult decisions and complex realities faced by a public affairs leader, organization or network”
  • Video Briefs, which “are short introductions to frame discussion around a particular topic or skill in public affairs”
  • E-Studies, which “present a multimedia study of a timely policy issue or leadership approach”

As of April 2019, the site has 58 E-Cases, 12 Video Briefs, and 47 E-Studies. They are listed below Table 1, along with the first two lines of the summary, as generated on the Hubert Project’s “Search the Collection” function.

Tools-oriented learning materials

It can be seen that certain of these cases, briefs, and studies focus on a specific analytic tool. These are reproduced in Table 1, organized by Atlas Subject.

Table 1: Tools-oriented Hubert Project materials, organized by Atlas Subject
(EC = E-Case; VB = Visual Brief; ES = E-Study)

and Skills

Policy Analysis and Process

Policy Field Analysis (VB)

Backward Mapping (VB)

Implementation and Delivery

Collaboration Challenges (EC)

Multilevel Implementation Analysis (VB)

Collaborations (VB)

Applying Design Thinking to the Social Sector (ES)

Engaging Others in Systems Redesign (ES)

Economic Analysis
Quantitative Methods

Data Science for Public Managers (ES)

Analytic Methods

Purpose Mapping (EC)

Spatial Thinking: US Local Government System (VB)

Visual Strategy Mapping for Individuals (ES)

Visual Strategy Mapping for Groups (ES)

SWOT Analysis (ES)

Leadership Skills

Leading with Theory of Change (EC)

Communication Skills

Writing Policy Issue Briefs (VB)

Writing Management Memos (VB)

The Anatomy of Story (ES)

and Context

Governance and Institutions

Government Nonprofit Partnerships (VB)

Ethics, Rights and Accountability
Socioeconomic and Political Context
Global Context


Public Financial Management

Calculating True Program Costs (ES)

Evaluation and Performance Measurement

Team-Based Inquiry: Incorporating Evaluative Practice in the Development Cycle (EC)

The Sharpen Your Financial Focus Evaluation (ES)

Evaluation as Engagement (ES)

Human Resource Management
Information and Technology Management
Regulatory Policy and Management
Local Government Management
Nonprofit Management and Advocacy


Macroeconomic Policy
International Development
Public Finance and Social Policy
Employment, Labour and Immigration
Cities, Urban and Regional Development
Environment and Sustainability
Agriculture and Resources
Science, Technology and Innovation
Industry, Trade and Investment
Energy, Transport and Infrastructure
Defence, Security and Foreign Relations
Policing and Justice Administration
Arts and Culture
Financial Markets
The Hubert Project E-Cases

The titles and two lines of summary for the 58 E-Cases available in April 2019 are reproduced below:

  1. The African American Leadership Forum: A 21st Century Social Movement for the Common Good
    Although examples of leadership by and of African-Americans abound, relatively few scholars and teachers of leadership focus on the particular characteristics and dynamics of… Learn More
  2. Jeremiah Program
    This case explores the national scaling efforts of Jeremiah Program, a Minneapolis-based nonprofit. Jeremiah Program is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization whose pr… Learn More
  3. Collaboration Challenges
    A core challenge facing front-line social service providers is how to balance managing caseloads and working with the right partners in the local community in order to resolve… Learn More
  4. Myers-Wilkins Community School Collaborative
    This e-case highlights the leadership and management of a cross-sector collaborative through its implementation of a community school approach in a low-socioeconomic, highly d… Learn More
  5. Reforming Children’s Mental Health
    This e-case tells the story of a cross-sector coalition of consumer advocacy organizations, mental health providers, health plans, hospitals and public agency representatives… Learn More
  6. A New Advocacy Path at Treehouse
    A New Advocacy Path at Treehouse e-case tells the story of an executive director’s decision to shift her organization’s advocacy strategy through alignment with a local ed… Learn More
  7. Mission Convergence
    This e-case presents a critical question of how public policy innovation develops, adapts and survives in bureaucratic and political power structures in Delhi, India. Through… Learn More
  8. Culture Change at Life’s WORC
    Life’s WORC is an unusual social service agency that has created a culture of empowerment supported by strong performance management practices. Agency leaders realized in th… Learn More
  9. Office of Economic Opportunity: Capitalizing on a Nonprofit Network
    This three part e-case highlights collaborative public management practices used with a nonprofit network seen as partners in public services rather than mere vendors. Part On… Learn More
  10. Aspire: Building Partnerships through Social Entrepreneurship and Empowerment
    Aspire started in the basement of a church in the western suburbs of Chicago in 1960. Concerned parents of children with developmental disabilities were brought together by th… Learn More
  11. The Nonprofit Executive Director’s Journey
    This case is about the experience of becoming an executive director (ED) or chief executive officer (CEO) in a nonprofit organization. The case is designed to explore the cent… Learn More
  12. Fair Trade Movement in Hong Kong
    The case of the “Fair Trade Movement in Hong Kong” provides an in depth examination of the development of fair trade in Hong Kong. As a highly capitalistic society with th… Learn More
  13. Mid-Ohio Foodbank: Building Capacity in Service Provider Networks
    This e-case uses the issue of emergency food provision to assess how network coordinators can increase service delivery and achieve ambitious goals. Based on a 2-year capacity… Learn More
  14. Using Collective Impact to Improve Student Success
    This e-case tells the story of the beginnings, development, and launch of a program to support the success of students in the Itasca County area of northern Minnesota. The Ita… Learn More
  15. Person-Centered Care: The Culture Change Movement in Long Term Care
    This e-case tells the story of the culture change movement in the long term care field. It follows the progression of this movement among advocates, regulators, and nursing h… Learn More
  16. Can We Afford The American Dream? – ¿Podemos Darnos el Lujo del Sueño Americano?
    This e-case will ask the learner to consider the myriad issues a community organization faces when implementing federal policy with vulnerable populations. The Homeownership C… Learn More
  17. Transgenderism in Hong Kong
    While the general public have little chance to understand the transgender community, this e-case attempts to explore the controversies beneath transgenderism, reveal the situa… Learn More
  18. Challenges of Hybrid Organizations in Hong Kong: The case of CFSC and Vital
    It is not uncommon nowadays for nonprofit organizations (NPOs) to diversify their funding sources and become hybrid organizations. This e-Case highlights the governance ch… Learn More
  19. Service Innovation in Hong Kong: CFSC Urban Oasis
    Service innovation creates greater social impact. However, how can a well-established yet conventional NPO embrace and realize a new service amid internal and external challen… Learn More
  20. Evaluation for Development
    This is a story of a young Turkish bureaucrat who is eager to build a culture of evaluation in his country’s educational decision making context where evaluation has been hi… Learn More
  21. Negotiating a Global Partnership for International Development
    This e-case recounts how a unique organizational entity, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) and its m… Learn More
  22. Spiritual Values Create Impact in the Third Sector: Fullness Social Enterprise
    I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. (John 10:10) To live abundantly, they started up Fullness, running shops that employ youngst… Learn More
  23. Intimate Partner Violence
    The social issue of intimate partner violence (IPV) in Hong Kong is getting more serious in recent years. The number of battered spouse cases tripled from 1,009 cases at 1998… Learn More
  24. Cross-border Relationships
    This e-Case documents the social issue of cross-border relationships in Hong Kong. Since Hong Kong’s handover to the People’s Republic of China in 1997, mainland resident… Learn More
  25. Cottage Foods: Entrepreneurial Opportunity or Public Health Threat?
    This e-case examines policy formulation for cottage foods where science, politics, and beliefs collide. Cottage food production typically refers to a group of easily produced… Learn More
  26. Wildlife Management Policy
    The case of wolf management policy in the West provides an opportunity for instructors to increase student understanding of the complex interplay of national and state politic… Learn More
  27. Turning Around a Nonprofit Organization: Literacy Mid-South
    This e-case focuses on the leadership and turnaround of a small nonprofit organization after its merger with another similar organization. Literacy Mid-South works to increase… Learn More
  28. Executive Director Compensation: How much pay is too much?
    At the beginning of the Great Recession, the $1.2 million compensation package paid to the United Way of Central Carolinas president, Gloria Pace King, plunged the locally man… Learn More
  29. U.S. Federal Budget Process
    One of the most fundamental actions taken by our elected officials each year is to enact a budget for the United States that outlines policy priorities and details the fiscal… Learn More
  30. CapX2020: Building Trust to Build Regional Transmission Systems
    CapX2020 is an initiative involving eleven utilities in the Upper Midwest who collaborated together to invest $2.1 billion in over 800 miles of new high-voltage transmission i… Learn More
  31. Paths Towards Organizational Cultural Competence
    This e-study examines the importance of cultural competence in human services, using the settings of nonprofits serving youth experiencing homelessness to illustrate the signi… Learn More
  32. Mission Before Pension
    The e-case details how a $100 million nonprofit organization, largely funded by state government funds, navigated a complex web of politics, public policy, and public relatio… Learn More
  33. Leading with Theory of Change
    This e-Study is an introduction to theory of change, including: what theory of change is, how organizations can use it, and how to create one. Throughout, viewers will see rea… Learn More
  34. Implementing Innovation in the Public Sector: San Francisco’s Empowered Communities Program
    This e-case examines the design and implementation of San Francisco’s Empowered Communities Program (ECP), a resilience-building initiative developed by the City of San F… Learn More
  35. Nonprofit Leadership Across Borders
    This E-Case allows students to examine nonprofit leadership across borders, scrutinize the opportunities and challenges of grassroots development aid through small, internatio… Learn More
  36. Ripe for Change: Just Food’s Recovery from Executive Misconduct
    This E-Case details a Lawrence, Kansas, food bank’s experience with—and recovery from—executive fraud. Organizational stakeholders describe their experiences working thr… Learn More
  37. Building Equity and Addressing Structural Racism in Public Service Provision
    This e-case highlights the work of John Edmonds, an African American leader at Olmsted County, who has taken a novel approach towards addressing structural racism in human ser… Learn More
  38. Scaling up Social Innovation: The Case of Crossroads Foundation
    Non-Governmental Organizations are looking for ways to scale up their impact in communities. However, they encounter enormous challenges to find the resources, the people and… Learn More
  39. Organizational Health for Non-Governmental Organizations
    Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) are entrusted with public resources and deliver important social functions. The society expects NGOs to perform and the organizational heal… Learn More
  40. Purpose Mapping
    The e-case demonstrates why and how to do purpose mapping, a technique designed to help people gain clarity about what their real purposes are in pursuing any endeavor. The re… Learn More
  41. Casa de Esperanza
    This e-case highlights the leadership and management of a small nonprofit organization through its pursuit of mission critical but underfunded work. Casa de Esperanza is a dom… Learn More
  42. Before & After: Exploring organizational change from four perspectives
    This E-Case tells the story of the Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging (MNRAAA) before and after a major organizational transition. MNRAAA went from being a nonprofit in name… Learn More
  43. Worthington
    This e-case focuses on how demographic changes in Worthington—a rural southwest Minnesota town—led to the identification of a leadership gap between the dominant/minority… Learn More
  44. Learning to Use Data in a Public Human Services Agency
    This E-Case tells the story of how the anxious and demoralized staff of Maryland’s newly-created Office of Eligibility Services (OES), together with its new Executive Direct… Learn More
  45. North Market: Creating Partnerships with Purpose
    This E-Case tells the story of Pillsbury United Communities (PUC) and the organizations journey to open North Market, a grocery store in North Minneapolis. The E-Case shows th… Learn More
  46. Public Good through Private Sector Paradigms: The City of Long Beach Civic Center
    “Public-private partnerships,” or P3, are nothing new. Win-win opportunities for the public achieved through private sector paradigms are often highly coveted models for… Learn More
  47. Team-Based Inquiry: Incorporating Evaluative Practice in the Development Cycle
    This e-case offers guidance, tools, and examples of use of a form of evaluation that supports non-profit organizations in making data-driven decisions and reporting on their i… Learn More
  48. Bridge to Benefits
    This e-case focuses on the development of an innovative web-based tool, Bridge to Benefits, which helps citizens understand and access the public work support programs for whi… Learn More
  49. Introduction to Cultural Landscape Management
    Cultural landscapes, where human settlements are in harmony with nature, are important assets for sustainability. This e-study introduces the basic concept of cultural landsca… Learn More
  50. Reach Out and Read
    This e-case focuses on the implementation of an early literacy intervention tool, Reach Out and Read (ROR), a proven model that aligns with doctor and parent goals for a child… Learn More
  51. Heading Home Hennepin
    This case highlights the integrative leadership practices of several people and groups that organized the campaign to end homelessness in Hennepin County, Minnesota by 2016. I… Learn More
  52. Implementing the Earned Income Tax Credit at AccountAbility Minnesota
    This simulation highlights the leadership and management of a small nonprofit organization, AccountAbility Minnesota, as it grapples with an emerging problem of economic injus… Learn More
  53. Innovative Theater Arts Collaboration
    This e-case is designed to develop understanding of cross-organizational collaboration. It highlights the ongoing collaboration between Teatro del Pueblo and Pangea World The… Learn More
  54. Merging for Impact and Growth
    This e-case focuses on the merger of two long-established human service nonprofits prompted by a desire to both increase growth and impact, and respond to changes in the fundi… Learn More
  55. Beyond the Yellow Ribbon: A Reintegration Program for the Guard and Reserve
    This e-case documents the grassroots movement by the Minnesota National Guard, starting in 2005, to create a reintegration program for Iraqi and Afghan combat veterans, design… Learn More
  56. Backyard Initiative
    The Backyard Initiative is a collaborative, community-led endeavor in Minneapolis, Minnesota that seeks to improve community health through the action of local residents and t… Learn More
  57. Safe Harbor: Minnesota’s Effort to End Child Sex Trafficking
    This e-case highlights a critical quandary of policy design and implementation as advocates, funders, elected officials, public sector employees, and direct service providers… Learn More
  58. Love Plus Hope
    Hong Kong faces an ever-widening rich-poor gap. The city has the world’s 6th highest GDP per capita but also almost the highest income inequality among developed economies…. Learn More
The Hubert Project Video Briefs

The titles and two lines of summary for the 12 Video Briefs available in April 2019 are reproduced below:

  1. Policy Field Analysis
    This video brief provides a quick introduction to the substantive method of implementation analysis called policy field analysis. This type of analysis is helpful because, at… Learn More
  2. Backward Mapping
    This video brief introduces the four design principles of Backward Mapping, a method for policymakers to design effective policy by starting where the policy meets the public… Learn More
  3. Multilevel Implementation Analysis
    This video brief provides an overview of multi-level implementation analysis. This type of analysis allows for an understanding of policy implementation beyond the traditional… Learn More
  4. Investigating Myths about Smart Meters – A precursor to a sustainable power grid
    The video explores a couple’s choice to install a smart meter in their home and addresses a range of factors to be considered when choosing a smart meter to monitor electric… Learn More
  5. Merging for Impact and Growth
    This abridged video centers on the merger of two long-established human service nonprofits. It explores the variety of reasons a nonprofit organization may consider a merger,… Learn More
  6. Bridge to Benefits
    This abridged video focuses on the development of an innovative web-based tool, Bridge to Benefits, which helps citizens understand and access the public work support programs… Learn More
  7. Writing Policy Issue Briefs
    This video brief is an introduction to writing a policy issue brief. The video gathers perspectives from students, policy professionals and faculty on the use of issue briefs… Learn More
  8. Government Nonprofit Partnerships
    This video brief debunks old conceptions of government & nonprofit partnerships and replaces them with a new paradigm. Due to the devolution of government, nonprofits are… Learn More
  9. Writing Management Memos
    This video brief provides a quick introduction to a commonly used tool in the professional setting: the management memo. Management memos help public affairs professionals, wh… Learn More
  10. Collaborations
    Increasingly people in nonprofits, business, government, and community groups realize that they must collaborate if they are to find lasting remedies to complex shared problem… Learn More
  11. The Clothes I Wear
    Perceptions of ‘otherness’ are a normal part of human development; as they mature, children move from a focus on themselves to an understanding of their place within group… Learn More
  12. Spatial Thinking: US Local Government System
    This video brief provides an introduction to the application of spatial analysis to public affairs issues. This video presents it specifically as a tool to help untangle the c… Learn More
The Hubert Project E-Studies

The titles and two lines of summary for the 47 E-Studies available in April 2019 are reproduced below:

  1. Nutrigenomics and Metabolomics
    This e-case is designed as a tool for a layperson to explore and better understand Nutrigenomics research and possible future technologies that will come from this research.    Learn More
  2. Policy and Governance Considerations for the Future of Neuromodulation
    This e-case focuses on governance options for the rapidly developing field of neuromodulation – specifically for three techniques: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS); Transcranial… Learn More
  3. Local Government Innovation
    The Local Government Innovation (LGI) e-study takes a look at finalists from the LGI competition sponsored by University of Minnesota’s Public and Nonprofit Leadership Ce… Learn More
  4. Visual Strategy Mapping for Individuals
    This e-study explores Visual Strategy Mapping (ViSM), using video and visuals to show both the process and results when this method is employed by groups, but also by individu… Learn More
  5. Collective Impact
    On January 24, 2013, the Public and Nonprofit Leadership Center co-hosted with the Minnesota Council on Foundations a Learning Forum on Collective Impact. Over 60 Minnesota ph… Learn More
  6. Understanding Community Engagement: The Case of the Detroit Works Project
    This e-study explores the concepts and core principles of community engagement, drawing from the unique story of the Detroit Works Project (DWP). The Detroit Works Project was… Learn More
  7. Targeting Homeless Services in Hennepin County, MN
    This e-study explores the policy arena surrounding the prevention of homelessness among low-income families and individuals. The case utilizes reports and analyses from the na… Learn More
  8. Susan G. Komen Foundation
    In early 2012, the Susan G. Komen foundation made the decision to defund Planned Parenthood, citing an ongoing investigation by a U.S. Congressman as their rationale. Planned… Learn More
  9. Early Childhood Education
    Early childhood care and education is integral to the daily lives of many American families, and public policy supporting these services has grown significantly over the past… Learn More
  10. Asset Development
    This e-study pulls together materials about an important social problem, the significant disparities in assets among various people in the U.S. In the last few years, more pub… Learn More
  11. Rural Broadband
    This e-study pulls together materials about an important infrastructure development in rural American at the beginning of the 21st Century. The materials gathered span divers… Learn More
  12. Rural Traffic Safety
    More than half of the 37,261 fatal crashes in the United States occur on rural roads. This e-study draws on the work of the National Center for Excellence in Rural Safety (C… Learn More
  13. IRS Targeting of Conservative Groups
    This case concerns IRS (Internal Revenue Service) targeting of conservative organizations for special scrutiny. The curated materials include a timeline of the case, an audito… Learn More
  14. Moving from Stuck to Unstuck in a Public Controversy
    This e-study explores a complex, conflict-ridden, and lengthy effort by a variety of stakeholders to create a development plan for their socioeconomically diverse and rapidly… Learn More
  15. School-Based Children’s Mental Health Delivery
    Children’s mental health has been in the headlines in the aftermath of the December 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting. Cases such as this expose how schools can be… Learn More
  16. Ending Child Sex Trafficking in the U.S. and Minnesota
    This e-study explores the mobilization of a cross-sector network to transform Minnesota into a “Safe Harbor” for children being prostituted. Instructors will find this cas… Learn More
  17. African American Leadership: A Curation of Key Resources
    This e-study describes a new African American movement that builds on the traditions and accomplishments of African American leadership and responds to developments in African… Learn More
  18. Applying Design Thinking to the Social Sector
    This e-study details the use of the design thinking process as a complementary problem-solving method to other more commonly used methods coming from social science used in pu… Learn More
  19. Adapting Evaluation for Local Contexts in a Globalized World
    This e-study gathers resources for practitioners who seek to design and implement culturally responsive evaluations. The study highlights the expansion of the field of evaluat… Learn More
  20. Implementation of a Community Health Improvement Program
    This e-study explores the complexities of implementing, county-by-county, a statewide initiative to improve citizens’ health and reduce healthcare costs to the state. Buildi… Learn More
  21. Multi-level Policy Implementation of the Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)
    This e-study was created to study the multi-level policy implementation of The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP). In doing so, this e-Study examines the following ques… Learn More
  22. Cross-Boundary Students in Hong Kong
    This e-Study showcases the situation of the shortage of Primary One places in Hong Kong, and the various ways that the Education Bureau adopts to solve the problem. This e-Stu… Learn More
  23. Reliability and Autonomy in Nonprofit Finance
    Having a diverse source of funding is vital to an organization’s sustainability. Yet even within a diverse financial portfolio, the funding sources vary in their consistent… Learn More
  24. Board Chair and Executive Director Relationship: Power, communication & risk
    This e-study explores the relationship between a nonprofit executive director and the chair of the board of directors. A strong relationship between the board chair and execut… Learn More
  25. Calculating True Program Costs
    Nonprofits Assistance Fund believes that knowing the real, true costs of delivering nonprofit programs is critical to move an organization towards sustainable finances. When… Learn More
  26. Aquaponics as a Community Development Enterprise
    This e-study illustrates the framework, processes and products associated with course-based research undertaken to support the development of a community-based aquaponics proj… Learn More
  27. Pork Production: A Food Systems Perspective
    This e-study explores pork production from a food systems perspective, from the farm to the consumer. Systems thinking involves consideration of a particular operation such a… Learn More
  28. Government Innovation
    The way government does business is changing. We are deep into the context known as the New Normal, with an aging population, changing population trends from rural to urban, d… Learn More
  29. Board Facilitation & Engagement
    Board chairs provide critical leadership through meeting facilitation and agenda setting. As facilitators, chairs navigate their own relationships with the executive and other… Learn More
  30. Tree Management in Hong Kong
    This e-study will present the major policy issues of tree management in Hong Kong, and the various challenges faced by the Tree Management Office (TMO) when coordinating tree… Learn More
  31. Engaging All Voices
    Authored by Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, this e-study outlines effective practices for embedding engagement into human services practice and organizational st… Learn More
  32. Visual Strategy Mapping for Groups
    This e-study explains what visual strategy mapping (ViSM) is and how to do it. Visual strategy mapping is a causal mapping process in which statements are linked by arrows sho… Learn More
  33. A Human Rights-Based Approach to Youth Work
    This e-study tells the story of three experienced youth workers who have embraced a rights-based approach to their work with young people. During their year in the NorthStar Y… Learn More
  34. Getting the Most out of Site Visits
    We live in a world shaped by policies and programs, and their implementation are largely influenced by external factors. There has been an increased interest in using methods… Learn More
  35. The Sharpen Your Financial Focus Evaluation
    This e-study provides an overview of a complex, multi-stage program evaluation for a national nonprofit credit counseling organization. The program was evaluated using experim… Learn More
  36. Refugee Resettlement, the Nonprofit Sector and Refugee Community Organizations
    This e-study illustrates refugee resettlement policy and process, the role of the nonprofit sector, and refugees’ grassroots organizations. Resettlement is discussed as a mu… Learn More
  37. The Delmar Dilemma: Wrong If You Do, Wrong If You Don’t
    The Greater Ester Theological Mission (GETM) is a church of 3,500 members located in a politically divided community. The church includes traditional religious activities and… Learn More
  38. The Anatomy of Story
    The e-study includes three modules that introduce students to story as a unique narrative form, explains why storytelling has emerged as the essential marketing medium for the… Learn More
  39. Data Science for Public Managers
    Public organizations have historically been dependent upon external vendors to build the tools to collect, analyze, and report data in order to embrace performance management… Learn More
  40. From Ruins to Landmark: The Mill City Museum
    The Saint Anthony Falls Heritage Zone covers an area spanning several neighborhoods in Minneapolis, namely, North Loop, Downtown West and East, Marcy Holmes, Nicollet Island,… Learn More
  41. Engaging Others in Systems Redesign
    Most social change work done at the systems level involves understanding the various perspectives, opinions, attitudes, motivations and behaviors of those within the system. F… Learn More
  42. Evaluation as Engagement
    Traditional evaluation approaches can miss important information by failing to account for context or differences across communities. Community-Responsive Evaluation engages… Learn More
  43. Nonprofit Advocacy Advances Organizational Mission
    When nonprofits carry out their missions through direct service, they address immediate community needs. They have a further opportunity to advance their missions through advo… Learn More
  44. Health & Human Services Value Curve
    Interested in learning more about an organizational improvement framework for health and human services? Want to examine variation in how leaders apply that framework to maki… Learn More
  45. A Youth Work Lens on Human Development
    Successful youth workers build relationships supported by mutual respect, personal choice, voluntary participation and quality, informal learning. This e-study explores how th… Learn More
  46. SWOT Analysis
    This learning module is designed to teach users about SWOT analysis. After studying this module, users will: understand what SWOT analysis is and when it should be applied; un… Learn More
  47. Taking Action Toward Equity in Youth Work
    Youth work is a dynamic practice that engages youth of all ages with adults in community-based experiences to learn, reflect, and grow. This e-study will help users learn to n… Learn More

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