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Organizations with CRA charitable status on Denman Island, BC

This page provides links pertaining to the work of charitable organizations that serve the community of Denman Island, British Columbia. In addition to background information for the Special Senate Committee on the Charitable Sector, links on this page can help community members learn more about their local charities and how to contribute to them.

The charitable organizations are listed below by the name registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) in order of their expenses reported for the last fiscal year. Links are provided to the CRA Quick View page (from which Detailed View can provide further detail) and to the web page for donations to that charity at Another website with a searchable database and donation links for charities is provided by CHIMP (“CHIMP is CHARITABLE IMACT”) at

Hornby and Denman Community Health Care Society (2016-17 expenses = $1,542,196)

HDCHCS websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Arts Denman (2017 expenses = $124,182)

Arts Denman website – CRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page – Denman Island Baroque Music Workshop & Festival website

Dharma Fellowship of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa (2016 expenses = $105,714)

The Hermitage websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Island Community Education Society (2016-17 expenses = $81,407)

DICES websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Conservancy Association (2016-17 expenses = $50,518)

DCA websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Seniors and Museum Society (2016-17 expenses = $47,842)

Denman Activity Centre websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Island United Church (2017 expenses = $34,416)

Denman Island United Church Facebook pageCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Community Land Trust Association (2017 expenses = $19,421)

DCLTA website – CRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Health Centre Society (2016-17 expenses = $9,204)

Denman Clinic page from HDCHCS websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Island Memorial Society (2017 expenses = $4,745)

Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Island Meow Society (2017 expenses = $1,053)

CRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Denman Housing Association (2017 expenses = $506)

DHA websiteCRA Quick View page – CanadaHelps Donate Now page

Community nonprofit organizations not registered as charities
Denman Island Residents Association (DIRA)

Denman Island Recreation Commission Society (DIRCS)

Denman Island Firefighters Association (see also Denman Island Fire Rescue)

Denman Island Growers and Producers Alliance

Association for Denman Island Marine Stewards (ADIMS)

Denman WORKS! Economic Enhancement Society

Denman Island Readers and Writers Festival

Dora Drinkwater Library

Other Denman Island websites (see particularly Community Groups on Denman Island)

Wikipedia entry for Denman Island

Discover Vancouver Island – Denman Island

Denman Island Bulletin Board on Facebook

Governments and Islands Trust
Comox Valley Regional District

Islands Trust (see also Islands Trust Conservancy)

Government of British Columbia

Government of Canada

Population statistics for Denman Island compared with those for Canada

Statistics Canada (see provides over 2,000 lines of data from the 2016 Census on individual communities such as Denman Island. Data are displayed in two columns so that Denman Island data can be compared with those from any other area, such as another community, or a province, or the country. For example, on Census Profile, 2016 Census, Denman Island Trust Area and Canada, the columns have been set to Denman Island and Canada. The table below is derived from the Excel file downloaded from that display.

It can be seen that the population of Denman Island is older, with more advanced degrees, but with a lower labour force participation rate and lower incomes than Canadians as a whole. Compared with the country overall, Denman Island has a higher percentage of immigrants, particularly Americans, with more of this immigration occurring before 1981.

Selected Population Statistics
(2016 Census)
Denman Island
35.2 million
(Denman Island to Canada)
Age Distribution
Under 15 Years of Age 7.3% 16.6% 0.4
Over 64 Years of Age 37.9% 16.9% 2.2
Bachelors or Over 19.5% 18.9% 1.0
Earned Doctorate 2.0% 0.6% 3.2
Lowest 20% Nationally 35.5% 20.0% 1.8
Highest 20% Nationally 10.8% 20.0% 0.5
Labour Force
Participation Rate 50.2% 65.2% 0.8
Employment Rate 48.3% 60.2% 0.8
Unemployment Rate 2.9% 7.7% 0.4
Aboriginal Identity 1.4% 4.9% 0.3
European Origins 90.9% 57.1% 1.6
British Isles Origins 66.2% 32.5% 2.0
French Origins 13.7% 13.6% 1.0
Asian Origins 3.7% 17.7% 0.2
Immigrants 25.1% 21.9% 1.1
Born in USA 7.8% 0.7% 10.5
Immigrants After 1980 9.6% 16.2% 0.6

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CanadaHelps website at, accessed 12 September 2018.

CHIMP website at, accessed 12 September 2018.

Statistics Canada Census Program website at, and the Denman Island – Canada comparison at, accessed 13 September 2018.

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