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Advice on addressing problems and managing oneself

Solving problems

What is Problem Solving? Ruth Hill, MindTools

How Good is Your Problem Solving? Ruth Hill, MindTools

SWOT Analysis – Discover New Opportunities, Manage and Eliminate Threats, James Manktelow, MindTools

Tree Diagrams – Simplifying Complexity, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Brainstorming – Generating Many Radical, Creative Ideas, Liz Cook, MindTools

5 Whys – Getting to the Root of a Problem Quickly, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Root Cause Analysis – Tracing a Problem to its Origins, Ruth Hill, MindTools

The Simplex Process – A Robust Creative Problem-Solving Process, Ruth Hill, MindTools

8D Problem Solving Process – Solving Major Problems in a Disciplined Way, Ruth Hill, MindTools

The Straw Man Concept – Build it Up, Knock it Down, and Create a Solid Final Solution, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Hurson’s Productive Thinking Model – Solving Problems Creatively, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Making decisions objectively

How to Make Decisions – Making the Best Possible Choices, Ruth Hill, MindTools

How Good is Your Decision-Making? Ruth Hill, MindTools

Decision Matrix Analysis – Making a Decision by Weighing Up Different Factors, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Decision Trees – Choosing by Projecting “Expected Outcomes,” Ruth Hill, MindTools

Paired Comparison Analysis – Working out Relative Importances, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Avoiding Psychological Bias in Decision Making – How to Make Objective Decisions, Ruth Hill, MindTools

The Ladder of Inference – Avoiding “Jumping to Conclusions,” Ruth Hill, MindTools

ORAPAPA – A Checklist for Making Better Decisions, Ruth Hill, MindTools

Planning your work

Golden Rules of Goal Setting – Five Rules to Set Yourself Up for Success, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Effective Scheduling – Planning to Make the Best Use of Your Time, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Action Plans – Small Scale Planning, Caroline Smith, MindTools

How Good Are Your Project Management Skills? Caroline Smith, MindTools

Business Requirements Analysis – Clearly Agreeing What You’re Going to Deliver, Caroline Smith, MindTools

Managing your time

What is Time Management? – Working Smarter to Enhance Productivity, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

10 Common Time Management Mistakes, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Leverage – Achieving Much More with the Same Effort, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Prioritization – Making Best Use of Your Time and Resources, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle – Using Time Effectively, Not Just Efficiently, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Overcoming Procrastination – Manage Your Time. Get It All Done. Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Coping with pressure

So you’re starting your MA in economics [or starting your MPP or MPP], Stephen Topp, Policy Options, 8 September 2015

What is Stress? Caroline Smith, MindTools

Managing Stress – Create Calm in Your Career, Caroline Smith, MindTools

Centering – Maintaining Focus in Stressful Situations, Caroline Smith, MindTools

How to be Patient – Staying Calm Under Pressure, Caroline Smith, MindTools

Declining a Work Assignment, With Finesse, Rob Walker, The Workologist, New York Times, 21 August 2014

Albrecht’s Four Types of Stress – Managing Common Pressures, Caroline Smith, MindTools

The Breaking Point, Bruna Martinuzzi, MindTools

Having fun

Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking, and Positive Thinking, Caroline Smith, MindTools

Optimism – The Hidden Asset, Bruna Martinuzzi, MindTools

The Flow Model – Balancing Challenge and Skills, Sarah Pavey, MindTools

Using Affirmations – Harnessing Positive Thinking, Caroline Smith, MindTools

Finding balance

Work-Life Balance Quiz, Canadian Mental Health Association

Work/Life Balance, Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

A Fine Balance – A Manager’s Guide to Workplace Well-Being, Canadian Centre of Management Development, 2002

Reducing Work-Life Conflict: What Works? What Doesn’t? Health Canada, January 2008


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