Refining Topics and Concepts in the Governance-Process-Strategy-Leadership Cluster, 4 April 2016


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A discussion of core curricular content in governance, institutions, policy analysis, process, implementation, delivery, leadership, and communication

Atlas pages for a meeting on 4 April 2016.

  1. Core Curriculum Home Page
  2. Topics and Concepts in Economic Analysis
  3. Producer Theory
  4. Marginal Revenue Product of Labour
  5. Atlas102 Economic Analysis
  6. Topics and Concepts in Leadership and Communication
  7. Persuading
  8. Story Arc
  9. Complexity
  10. Atlas109 Leadership and Communication
  11. PPG2014 Leading Change and Getting Things Done
  12. Topics and Concepts in Governance and Institutions
  13. Indigenous Governance
  14. Abele and Prince’s Four Models of Aboriginal Self-Government
  15. Atlas100 Governance and Institutions
  16. Johnson-Shoyama JSGS801 Governance and Administration
  17. Ottawa API5116 Democratic Government and Public Policy
  18. Harvard DPI101 Political Institutions and Public Policy – American Politics
  19. Harvard DPI101 Political Institutions and Public Policy – Comparative
  20. PPG1000 Governance and Institutions
  21. Atlas101 Policy Analysis and Process
  22. PPG1001 The Policy Process
  23. Atlas107 Implementation and Delivery
  24. Harvard MLD110 Strategic Management for Public Purposes
  25. PPG1007 Putting Policy into Action – Strategic Implementation of Public Objectives
  26. PPG2021 Priority Topics in Public Administration
  27. Hot Topics for Executive Education
  28. The Governance-Process-Strategy-Leadership Cluster



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