Munk Fellowship Lunch, 19 March 2021

Proposed Agenda

1 – Purpose of the Meeting

  • Fellow’s objectives
  • Students’ objectives

2 – Round the table self-introductions of student participants (3-minutes each)

  • Christian Avendano, MPP 2022
  • Michael Chen, MGA 2021
  • Nowshim Mehzabin Chowdhury, MGA 2022
  • Charlie Cooper-Simpson, MPP 2022
  • Michelle Fong, MPP 2020
  • Meagan Ong, MPP 2021
  • Hongyu Xiao, MPP 2021

3 – Self-introduction by Ian Clark, MPP 1972 (15 minutes)

4 – Q&A and Discussion

5 – Closing remarks (2 minutes)



Updated 2018 presentation on The Atlas for the incoming MPP class at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy

1 – Atlas of Public Management – Concepts, topics, and courses taught in leading MPP and MPA programs

2 – Documenting what MPP students are expected to know by the time they graduate – based on syllabi from leading Programs

3 – Searching for concepts (or for students and grads)

4 – Previewing the “Top 50” concepts for each of the first-year MPP courses

5 – Reviewing more concepts in MPP courses

  • Go to the topics under the Atlas subject that aligns with the course
SPPG Course
Atlas Subject
PPG1000 Governance and Institutions Governance and Institutions
PPG1001 Policy Process Policy Analysis and Process
PPG1002 Microeconomics Economic Analysis
PPG1003 Macroeconomics Macroeconomic Policy
PPG1004 Quantitative Methods Quantitative Methods
PPG1005 Social Context of Policy-Making Socioeconomic and Political Context
PPG1007 Strategic Implementation Implementation and Delivery
PPG1008 Program Evaluation Evaluation and Performance Measurement

6 – Professional development

7 – Other Atlas Resources (selection)

8 – The Atlas is a work in progress

  • Please send ideas, corrections, comments to

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