Program Rankings by Curricular Attributes

RankingsComparing courses needed to graduate and the subject-matter emphasis of the courses taken by typical student (2015 data)

There are substantial differences in course offerings for programs leading to a similarly named credential (an MPA, MPP or similarly named degree). This page displays the rankings of 119 programs analyzed to 14 September 2015. The variables are described at MPP/MPA Curricular Types. The numbers are derived from the Curriculum Comparison Tables, which come from the individual MPP/MPA Program pages (accessed through the left navigation bar). The percentage numbers are the proportion of instruction that a typical student would receive in all the courses in the subjects associated with the characteristic, estimated using the methodology described in the PEACO Algorithm to account for elective and required courses.

Page created by: Ian Clark, last modified on 15 December 2015.

Image: Forster Thomas, QS TopMBA, at, accessed 15 December 2015.