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Curricular Analysis

Comparing Course Workload – Economic Analysis

Comparing Course Workload – Quantitative Methods

Comparisons with International Affairs Programs

Credit and Course Equivalencies

Curriculum Comparison Tables

MPP/MPA Core Competencies

MPP/MPA Core Learning Outcomes

MPP/MPA Curricular Types

Noteworthy Practices

Patterns in Specialization

Program Rankings by Attribute

PA and IA Degrees offered by Times Higher Ed Top Fifty Universities


Advice Database

Best Practice Websites Database

Cases Database

Career Advice Database

Competencies Database

Concepts Database

Core Curriculum Database

Courses Database

Country Performance Indices Database

Online Glossaries Database

Open Courseware Database

Programs Database

Public Financial Management Training Database

Think Tanks and Commentators Database

Topics Database


Associating Concepts with Topics, Subjects, and Courses

Atlas Course Syllabus – Definition

Atlas Framework for Curricular Analysis

Atlas Presentations

Best Practices Project

Defining Core

Normed Topic Model

Open Access and Attribution on the Atlas

Papers and Monographs

PEACO Algorithm

Subjects in Public Management

Using the Atlas

What is Public Management?

What’s New on the Atlas


Khilola & Friends Must Reads

The Atlas Blog

Mapping by Public Management Subject

Mapping Canada-OECD Interaction by Public Management Subject

Mapping Competencies by Public Management Subject

Mapping CSPS Courses by Public Management Subject

Mapping CSPS Publications by Public Management Subject

Mapping MOOCs by Public Management Subject

Mapping OECD Work by Public Management Subject

Mapping Open Access Publications by Public Management Subject

Mapping Open Access Syllabi by Public Management Subject

Mapping Open Courseware Tests by Public Management Subject

Mapping Research in Public Management by Subject

Atlas Resource Pages

Aucoin, Jarvis, and Turnbull’s Reforms

Distinctions between Race, Ethnicity, Nationality, and Culture

Heath’s Critique of the Democracy Deficit in Canada

Indigenous Peoples – A Guide to Terminology

INAC’s Resources to Support Governance

Is Race “Real”? – A Social Science Research Council Web Forum

Jordan Peterson’s PC Game

Loat and MacMillan’s Reforms

OECD Advice on Global Context

OECD Advice on Implementation and Delivery

OECD Advice on Modernizing Government

OECD Advice on Socioeconomic Context

Political Correctness, Populism, and Freedom of Speech

Sex and Gender Terms

Thomas’s Ten Thoughts on Electoral Reform

Women’s Rights and Men’s Rights Movements

Other Material

ANU Crawford Learning Outcomes

CMHC Dictionary of Behavioural Competencies

CSPS Courses Mapped against Key Leadership Competencies

HKS Speaking and Writing Handouts

International Governmental Organizations (IGOs)

Melbourne MPPM Learning Outcomes

Michigan State Behavioral Competencies

OECD Core Competencies

TBS Leadership
Competencies 2015

Using the Atlas

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